How it Works

WebSoCast is a free & effective new marketing solution designed to help businesses grow. After signing up for a free account, business owners can create a buzz about their business by customizing & broadcasting special deals to thousands of current and potential customers. WebSoCast also tracks each coupon campaign's performance so you can compare campaigns and figure out which ones work best. Increase sales and bring in new customers—without the high cost!

Sign Up for Free Account

The sign up process is completely free and takes less than a minute. All you need to provide is your E-mail, Company Name, & a Password. Choose a Login Page Name and you're ready to create coupons!

Create Coupons & Promos

Creating coupons is incredibly simple with WebSoCast! Choose your industry and pick a pre-made template to begin. Drag and drop your logo and information and you are ready to go! You can also create coupons from scratch.

Blast to Website & Top Social Pages

Connect to your business’s social media pages to quickly share your newly created coupons with all of your customers! You can then track how each individual coupon is performing on your dashboard.


A Simple Way to Create
Custom Coupons

Post Them Directly on your
Social Media Pages

Easily Create Attractive,
Multi-Functional Coupons

Real-time Metrics Track your
Promotions' Performance


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