Customer Stories

WebSoCast is a free & effective new marketing solution designed to help businesses grow. After signing up for a free account, business owners can create a buzz about their business by customizing & broadcasting special deals to thousands of current and potential customers. WebSoCast also tracks each coupon campaign's performance so you can compare campaigns and figure out which ones work best. Increase sales and bring in new customers—without the high cost!

Auto Repair

"Our repair shop is located in area with heavy competition. Promoting our services through WebSoCast gave customers an incentive to visit our store as opposed to others. After that, our excellent service was enough to bring them back."
- Jeremy Balt, Shop Owner

Dental Practice

"WebSoCast allowed us to better connect with our patients through the use of social media and other online tools. Promoting coupons helped us get our name out to people in the area."
-Dr. Cohen, DMD

Fitness Gyms

"Gyms are always handing out printed coupons and trial deals to gain new customers. Luckily we had the advantage of using WebSoCast to promote to potential members online. We were able to reach out to our target market via the internet & connect with them personally."
-Curtis Hemingway, Manager


"Promoting a restaurant online can often be costly because you have to pay web marketing services to do the marketing for you. WebSoCast was a free way to advertise our restaurant to the masses and create value for people interested in what we have to offer."
-James Chu, Owner

Plumbing Service

"I discounted some of my services to bring in first-time customers. Promoting my deals & website through social media resulted in new long-term customers and made them feel like they got their money’s worth."
-Randall Tate, Plumbing Technician

Beauty Salons

"Our salon has unique services, styles and prices. We create new promotions in just minutes & let people know about them by using WebSoCast. It’s really made our marketing efforts easier!"
-Barbara King, Stylist


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